Changing public opinion about social and economic mobility is key to transforming lives and communities. Hope through Housing works at the city, state and federal level to give a voice to issues impacting children, families and seniors living in poverty and to champion the communities we serve.

Through a combination of direct outreach, earned media, social media and other communication platforms, we are raising awareness of the threat confronting the American dream and the cost of that to society as a whole. We are unbridled advocates of the notion that if you work hard, are responsible and accountable, you can achieve success for yourself and your family.

Similarly, we are champions for our senior population, who have earned the opportunity to spend their autumn years with dignity, in a community they can share in and a home they can call their own.

Our goal is to serve as a convener and coordinator across multiple communities – to expand into new neighborhoods, seek out new partners, and deepen our impact on the people we serve. Through our advocacy efforts, we will ensure that individual residents have the resources and tools that enable them to achieve independence and improve their quality of life in healthier, more vibrant communities.