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Meet Malik Mallory: A Friend to Hope

In 2018, Hope through Housing established the Inland Empire Executive Leadership Council (ELC) to engage community leaders in the mission of Hope through Housing and to offer members an opportunity to positively change lives, transform communities, and impact future generations.

Greg Bradbard, President of Hope through Housing, met Malik Mallory at a Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce event and knew he would be a great addition to the ELC. It was not until the first ELC meeting that Greg realized how Malik’s own life experiences were very similar to those of the children we serve.

Like many of the children in our communities, Malik has watched his family struggle financially.  After his college graduation, Malik had to find a way to help his family pay their mortgage, so they did not lose their home.

Today, a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Rancho Cucamonga, Malik has a career and clients he loves and an opportunity to help hard-working individuals reach their financial goals. Malik has learned that it is imperative to save and invest money early. He believes, “If we teach health and wellness to our youth as well as financial literacy, their likelihood of success increases. When I say success…I’m referring to a well-balanced individual who can afford all their needs and enjoy what they do for work rather than working to live.”

“Malik’s experiences and expertise make him an excellent advocate for our programs and services,” said Greg. “He is especially passionate about our Pathways to Economic Empowerment program, which helps families set financial goals and put them on a path to homeownership.”  

Union Bank Adopts-A-Center to Build Future Self-Sufficiency

We are thrilled to share that the MUFG Union Bank Foundation recently invested $10,000 to support children, youth and families at the Mountainside apartment community in Rancho Cucamonga. Mountainside is one of National CORE’s largest communities with 384 apartment homes serving more than 1,000 residents. Through their Adopt-a-Center sponsorship, Union Bank is partnering with Hope through Housing to Build Bright Futures for kids and to create a Pathway to Economic Empowerment for families. “We love how Hope through Housing is supporting low-income families where they live and providing them with opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency,” commented Rossina Gallegos, Director and CSR Officer, Corporate Social Responsibility for Union Bank.

“We are looking forward to engaging associates from nearby Union Bank branches through volunteer opportunities and invitations to resident events throughout the year,” responded Greg Bradbard, President of Hope through Housing. “What is so great about the Adopt-a-Center program is that it offers organizations, like Union Bank, the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those most vulnerable in the communities they serve.”

To learn more about Hope through Housing’s sponsorship and in-kind opportunities, please visit https://hthf.org/ways-to-give/partnership-opportunities/.

CORE’s Got Talent is Back!

This June, National CORE and Hope through Housing are bringing CORE’s Got Talent back, hosting resident tryouts at four apartment communities in Southern California. Finalists from each region will be featured at community showcase events during the month of August. Hope through Housing will present its favorite performances at this year’s Gala on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

So, mark your calendar for An Evening of Hope: Endless Possibilities, Wednesday, Oct. 16 at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, Calif. Join us as we thank our donors and partners for creating “Endless Possibilities” for the children, families and seniors we serve. It will be an amazing night of entertainment, recognition, and storytelling.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Alyssa Cotter at acotter@hthf.org. We hope to see you there!

Forging Pathways to Homeownership for Our Residents

In 1996, Edward and Rose Brown purchased their first house in San Bernardino County. For 12 years, they made it a home, raised their three children and enjoyed the American dream. But like many families who purchase homes, the Browns had an adjustable rate mortgage. When the rate increased and Rose lost her job in the mortgage industry, the family was forced into a short sale.

Two years ago, the Browns found Sycamore Springs Apartments in Alta Loma, a beautiful, serene community that would offer much more than an affordable, scenic place to live. There, the couple was introduced to Hope through Housing’s Pathways to Economic Empowerment Program, which seeks to improve the financial and social well-being of residents through financial education, workforce development and one-on-one financial coaching.

“When I met the Browns, their goal was to learn about down payment assistance so they could become home owners again,” said Heidi Reyes, Economic Mobility Specialist. “Since starting the program, they opened a credit union account, learned how to interpret their credit report and devised a savings plan.”

Edward, the minister of music for an area church, and Rose, who now works in payroll administration, are a family of faith. “We trust God for leading us to the things we need in life,” said Rose. “The Hope through Housing Pathways Program is a blessing to us and our family. We are getting the education about credit and the preparation that is needed for all future home owners. This information is invaluable; it definitely inspires and encourages us to forge forward with our goal.”

During a recent Hope Through Housing event, Edward thanked the crowd for helping make the Pathways Financial Coaching program possible. “I now have my financial confidence back. Heidi has put us on a path toward becoming homeowners again. I am so grateful.”


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