Building Senior Health and Wellness



of health and fitness classes (exercise, cooking, and screenings)



to reduce social isolation and encourage engagement

1 in 3

Senior residents received direct services coordination/referrals (healthcare, transportation, utility assistance, food banks, mental health)

“She (Stephanie De La Torre, Services Coordinator) is always there to help me and to make sure that I am doing okay.”
~ Senior Resident, Hawthorne Terrace in Hawthorne, Calif.

Need for Hope

Senior poverty is on the rise because of disappearing pensions and inadequate retirement benefits. Most of the senior residents we serve live below the Federal poverty level and struggle to meet their most basic needs. They are at-risk for food insecurity, inability to self-manage chronic illnesses and to manage medication. Many of our older residents have chronic conditions that reduce their quality of life, limit their ability to perform daily activities, and restrict daily activities.


Student Nurses assisting senior residents

“It is our goal to create a support system that allows seniors to age with dignity and remain independent in their own home. We focus on making sure that basic needs are met, physical and mental health is maintained, and individuals are connected to their community.”
~ Lynda Roman, Senior Services

How We Encourage Senior Health and Wellness

Basic Needs

To ensure that basic needs are met, Hope through Housing provides connections to nutritional food sufficiency programs, rental assistance and support, entitlement and benefit program assistance, Section 8 and other housing assistance, transportation, money management, utility assistance, disaster preparedness, and safety education.

Physical & Mental Health

To help residents maintain their health and well-being, onsite staff monitor and assist with health management linking seniors to vital health resources and provide fitness and community engagement activities to promote health and well-being.

Social Connectedness

To reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, Hope through Housing nurtures social and civic engagement and connection with others through computer classes, networking groups, and other recreational activities and opportunities of interest.


we are making a difference in the lives of children, families and seniors living in poverty. Together, we will transform lives and communities


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