2020 Year in Review

Throughout this challenging year, Hope through Housing has been there every day, meeting the needs of our residents. We are so grateful for our partners and team for helping us make an impact as we continue to invest in the well-being of children, families, and seniors.

COVID Emergency Response


Meals and food bags delivered to families and seniors


Wellness calls and activities to vulnerable families and seniors


Senior residents were provided a lifeline to the outside world during COVID


Pallets of Amazon goods received and distributed to residents – valued at more than $236,000

Youth Self-Sufficiency Programs

Daily Afterschool Programs

delivered with precautions and an online learning focus at 23 sites

Back to School Supplies

distributed to thousands of students

Building Bright Futures Scholarship Program

Awarded 17 scholarships to youth and adults

Virtual College Application Classes

for high school seniors

Teen Clubs Virtual Program launched, featuring

• Health and Wellness
• Life and Work Skills
• Academic and Career Success

Economic Mobility for Families

Pathways to Economic Empowerment

FINANCIAL COUNSELING – More than 200 families have received financial counseling and/or assistance

RENTAL ASSISTANCE – Assisted residents in applying for more than $600,000 in rental assistance

MONEY MATCH – Seven residents completed our Money Match program, saving $1,200-$2,400/each

Employment Assistance

Helping families who lost jobs and income during the pandemic.


we are making a difference in the lives of children, families and seniors living in poverty. Together, we transform lives and communities.

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