Over the past seven months, as our world has been turned upside down by COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, National CORE’s resident needs have shifted substantially.  And every day, Hope through Housing has showed up to Deliver Hope to children, families, and seniors across SoCal and beyond.

Of course, this work is simply not possible without the support of our community, so we’re gearing up for our 10 Days of Delivering Hope to celebrate the impact of our work and invite others to join with us in continuing our mission of elevating the health, wellness, and self-sufficiency of our residents.

November 2 to 11 we will be rolling out a new video story each day highlighting the heroes – our staff, volunteers, and partners – within National CORE and Hope through Housing who touch the lives of families and seniors each day.  And on November 12, an online broadcast will gather our supporters – like you – in lieu of our annual Evening of Hope Gala.

Sure, this is about raising the dollars to ensure Hope remains strong and responsive to ever-changing needs.  But it’s really about life-sustaining and life-changing work.  Ensuring seniors can remain at home safe, secure and fed during this pandemic.  Ensuring families who have lost jobs can stay housed and remain financially stable.  And equipping kids and their families to succeed academically through this challenging time of online learning.

I thank everyone who already contributes to our mission, and I invite all of us to join the 10 Days of Delivering Hope.  You can join us by resharing the videos each day on social media, encouraging others to make a donation, or by making your own contribution to the effort.

We’ve certainly been busy throughout 2020, but our work is far from done.  Thank you for helping us to continue Delivering Hope each day!


Greg Bradbard

Greg Bradbard

Greg Bradbard, President of the Hope through Housing Foundation, has more than 20 years of experience as a nonprofit leader in Southern California.  Looking for a powerful, engaging speaker who has a passion for transforming the lives of children, families, and seniors in our region through impactful programs and services?  Greg is a top speaker on:

  • Reducing Poverty One Family at a Time
  • Delivering Quality Resident Services within Affordable Housing
  • Housing as a Platform for Resident Transformation
  • The Silver Tsunami – Preparing for the Aging of America
  • Nonprofit Management & State of the Nonprofit Sector
  • How Businesses, Churches, and Community Groups can Partner with Nonprofits & Change Lives

For more information, please contact jvanbalen@nationalcore.org.

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