Meet Kimberly

Hope through Housing continues to expand its programs and services to better serve, supporting its residents on their journey to breaking generational poverty. With the recent launch of CORE Academy and with the addition of Director of Workforce and Career Development Kimberly Jackson, Hope through Housing is able to strengthen and expand its capacity to work directly with residents to offer support in their search for a new career path.

In her role, Kimberly will be offering additional financial literacy workshops, developing community partnerships and providing individualized coaching. She is able to ensure that residents receive guidance and accountability to reach their personal and family goals.

“Those intimate educational sessions make it easier to connect with the residents,” she said. “The ability to exchange stories and motivate is a great start to having a bigger impact.”

Hope through Housing has been dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty for nearly 25 years, providing various programs that empower individuals and changes communities – a value that resonates with Kimberly.

Being a first-generation college graduate, Kimberly had to overcome various barriers and often did so alone. Now she uses her personal story to provide inspiration for something that is more of a lifestyle and less like a job. She brings years of experience in higher education ranging from counseling to connecting older students with employment services in college and being that bridge between education and the workforce. She hopes to support residents that are experiencing tough times by providing a sense of hope through new career opportunities.

“I don’t want to further perpetuate my struggles. By sharing the resources and services and my experiences, I want to end generational poverty — by helping residents help themselves,” Kimberly said.

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