Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. – Families in the Hope through Housing Foundation’s Pathways to Economic Empowerment program have received a boost in support from BNP Bank of the West for programs that provide financial education, employment assistance and one-on-one financial coaching.

The Hope through Housing Pathways program fosters economic mobility and helps low-income residents in National CORE affordable housing communities and surrounding neighborhoods achieve economic stability. Through financial literacy workshops, community partnerships and individualized coaching, Hope through Housing helps residents receive support, guidance and accountability to reach their personal and family goals.

BNP Bank of the West is providing $15,000 to support the Pathways Program in 2023. The funds include $10,000 for program costs and $5,000 in matching grant dollars.

“BNP Bank of the West’s partnership will help us deliver the support our families need to succeed,” Hope through Housing President Gregory Bradbard said. “With this support, we can continue to help residents find economic stability and to plan for life goals, such as sending children to college or buying a home.”

Residents of communities served by Hope through Housing typically earn between 30% and 80% of the area median income. Many lack the educational and financial literacy skills to progress beyond poverty. Single mothers head 64% of the homes and 83% of the children qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

Hope through Housing’s mission is to help break the cycle of generational poverty. Utilizing onsite community centers and long-standing relationships with residents living within National CORE affordable apartment communities, it can deliver resources and support right where residents live. Hope through Housing offers services to more than 8,000 households and 24,000 residents.

Hope through Housing has three additional areas of focus. The Connections to Care program supports senior residents with mental and physical health programs, social connectedness and financial aid, as well as a host of services that include transit support, disaster preparedness and aid in obtaining benefits. The Building Bright Futures initiative offers elementary to middle school students a safe, inclusive environment and daily support within 30 community centers. In partnership with its housing partner, National CORE, the foundation’s Unlocking Opportunities program also provides a stable living environment for individuals and families at risk of homelessness.

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