Everyday heroes are extraordinary people whose simple acts of kindness, courage, and love impact the lives of others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we thank you, our heroes of the outbreak. The generosity you have shown our families and seniors has allowed us to meet the challenges of this moment, addressing the needs of our residents, in real-time, from the frontlines.

Isolated, alone, and afraid to leave their homes, many of our families and seniors have depended on us for weekly food deliveries, whether it was a bag of groceries or a single hot meal.

“Thank you,” said Shirley, a resident in the Coachella Valley, during one of our weekly deliveries. “Besides some soda and water, all I have in the house is half a can of Pringles.”

Working with local food banks, community organizations, and local restaurants, Hope through Housing has delivered:

  • 22,612 bags of groceries/12,294 for seniors/10,318 for families
  • 28,472 complete meals/7,735 for seniors/20,737 for families

We have been here for our residents while they have faced unprecedented challenges, uncertainties about the future, school closures, changes in work schedules, and social isolation.

Our team has been working with volunteers, including West Coast University nursing students, to conduct wellness calls. To date, Hope through Housing has conducted:

  • 9,767 wellness checks/6,549 seniors /3,218 families

Back in March, during the early stages of the pandemic, all residents received a flyer with community resources in their region. Resources included local food banks, mental health hotlines, employment information, ways to stay connected, and so much more.

In response to the overwhelming concerns of our families and seniors, Hope through Housing launched the “Survivor Series”, a 4-week webinar series hosted by field experts in the areas of mental health, finance, education, and employment.

Hope through Housing started the COVID-19 Emergency Response and Resilience Fund to address the immediate needs of the thousands of children, families, and seniors living in National CORE communities and to help facilitate resiliency in the months ahead.

To date, Hope through Housing has raised more than $100,000 in grants and from individual donors, as well as $220,000 in in-kind donations. With the in-kind donations, Hope through Housing has been able to create care bags for our children, families, and seniors. Inspirational notes have been included whenever possible.

As we continue to adjust to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Hope through Housing, with your help, is doing our best to meet the needs of our residents and the community-at-large, and to be a beacon of hope during this unprecedented time.


Greg Bradbard

Greg Bradbard

Greg Bradbard, President of the Hope through Housing Foundation, has more than 20 years of experience as a nonprofit leader in Southern California.  Looking for a powerful, engaging speaker who has a passion for transforming the lives of children, families, and seniors in our region through impactful programs and services?  Greg is a top speaker on:

  • Reducing Poverty One Family at a Time
  • Delivering Quality Resident Services within Affordable Housing
  • Housing as a Platform for Resident Transformation
  • The Silver Tsunami – Preparing for the Aging of America
  • Nonprofit Management & State of the Nonprofit Sector
  • How Businesses, Churches, and Community Groups can Partner with Nonprofits & Change Lives

For more information, please contact jvanbalen@nationalcore.org.

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