RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Continuum of Care program has awarded the Hope through Housing Foundation a $250,000 grant to provide increased support for formerly-homeless residents of permanent supportive housing (PSH) in San Diego County. Specifically, the grant will allow Hope through Housing to create its first ever PSH Housing Retention Specialist position and implement an innovative program to help PSH residents stay housed.

Hope through Housing’s Unlocking Opportunities program focuses on stabilizing the lives of formerly homeless individuals. The Continuum of Care grant will support the foundation’s efforts to deliver a best practices approach to empowering vulnerable populations, using techniques including trauma-informed care and strength-based counseling. Unlocking Opportunities applies proven models for recovery, resiliency, housing retention, and overall well-being for residents living within permanent supportive housing. These goals are achieved through community activities, care coordination and case management that provide vital resources and support for families making the transition into housing.

This transition can be very challenging. Too often, residents find themselves at-risk of losing their housing due to violations of community rules – but a timely intervention using best practices can help residents remain housed. Hope through Housing’s new Collaborative Housing Retention Intervention Program will improve housing retention through additional education for staff and residents, increased support and programming for residents and improvements to the structure, timeliness, and effectiveness of interventions.

“As we work to collectively tackle the homeless crisis, we are excited to enhance our ability to ensure vulnerable residents in San Diego maintain housing stability and thrive in their own apartment homes,” said Hope through Housing President Greg Bradbard.

Collaborating closely with its housing partner, National CORE, the Hope through Housing provides a stable living environment for low-income individuals and families who may otherwise be at-risk of homelessness. It provides family stabilization leading to economic mobility through the combination of a secure, affordable apartment home and onsite services/supports that empower adults to overcome barriers to employment and improve their financial situation and prepare youth for future self-sufficiency.

Hope through Housing, overall, works to utilize affordable housing as a powerful platform for life transformation, empowering residents to reach goals they never previously thought were possible. It works to remove barriers to economic success for vulnerable populations and expand access to economic opportunity in low-income communities by providing a customized mix of services to help affordable housing residents increase their economic mobility and future self-sufficiency.

Hope through Housing’s mission is to help break the cycle of generational poverty, utilizing onsite community centers and long-standing relationships with residents living within National CORE affordable apartment communities throughout Southern California, Florida and Texas. For more information, please visit www.hthf.org.

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About Hope through Housing

Hope through Housing believes that affordable housing can be a platform for transformational change at the individual and neighborhood level. For more than 20 years, the Hope through Housing Foundation has provided more than 2 million hours of transformational social services helping children and teens achieve success, improving families’ financial well-being, and promoting seniors’ health and wellness. For more information on Hope through Housing, please visit www.hthf.org.

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