Hope through Housing welcomes Malik J. Mallory to the Board of Directors for the Hope through Housing Foundation. Mallory, a financial advisor with Edward Jones based in Rancho Cucamonga, previously served on Hope through Housing’s Executive Leadership Committee. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Board, both professionally and personally.

Born and raised in Corona, Mallory spent most of his high school years in Moreno Valley and has since lived in various communities across the Inland Empire. He believes in giving back and cares deeply about the many communities that have shaped him as a person.

“I like to make sure I give back to the areas where I grew up,” Mallory said. “And the things that I’ve seen are not always positive. I know there are people out there that are struggling, and there are folks out there that do want to do better. So, my goal is ultimately to find those who want to listen, and who want to grow, and try to take them along.”

On his journey to becoming a successful financial advisor and running his own office, Mallory witnessed many friends and acquaintances go down very different paths.

“I know people that are doing 25 to life or just can’t come back to Moreno Valley, based on some of the actions and activities that they’ve had in the past,” Mallory said. “You know, I’ve also unfortunately been held up at gunpoint and gotten my stuff taken. So, I’ve seen the good side and I’ve also seen the bad side of things.”

Mallory earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting at California State University, San Bernardino, and went on to work at an accounting firm before realizing that it was not the right fit for him. Inspired by one of his fraternity brothers who had become a financial adviser, Mallory earned a Master’s in Business Administration and joined the financial advising industry. He now focuses on helping clients make smart investment strategies and create retirement savings plans. Mallory will bring to the Board a perspective informed by financial best practices and a commitment to helping break the cycle of generational poverty.

“Statistically, most Americans don’t save and don’t have enough to retire and will ultimately rely on Social Security,” Mallory said. “If you look at the statistics and numbers versus the cost of living, you’re either going to, you know, eat beans and rice for the remainder of your life or, unfortunately, you might end up on the streets. My way of giving back is to show people what they can do with their figures and try to encourage everybody to save.”

Even though Mallory joins the board with an abundance of relevant experience and perspective, he shared that he plans to first sit back and listen.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody, understanding where they come from, and that way whenever we do need to enact change, inspire the heart, or get something done, we all know how to move forward,” Mallory said.

Mallory aims to help the board build on its successes and contribute to Hope through Housing’s mission, which is closely aligned with his own community-oriented goals.

“I just want to see my surroundings do better,” Mallory said. “And I believe if those of us around us do better, then we ultimately all succeed.”

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