Monique Tate, a services coordinator for our High Desert properties, holds a part-time position but is a full-time giver in and out of the communities she serves.

For 23 years, Monique worked in the federal Bureau of Prisons, serving in a variety of roles, including as an inmate counselor. For her inmates, Monique bridged the gap between the outside world and the prison.

When she retired, Monique decided that it was time for a change of scenery. She joined Hope through Housing as a member of AmeriCorps – including during the pandemic – before becoming an employee.

She said while her work for Hope through Housing couldn’t be more different than her role at the Bureau of Prisons, both jobs share themes.

“They both offer access to a service that they may not have access to otherwise,” Monique said. “We are that portal for them to see that somebody is trying to help them out.”

She supports two High Desert properties – Northgate and Impressions. Monique polls her residents to discover which events and programs will be most interesting to them. She also has a mom’s club that helps her check in with residents and determine their needs.

She consistently partners with healthcare providers to bring wellness checks to her senior residents on the property. With the help of these partnerships, we ensure that everyone is taken care of.

With Monique’s help, Hope through Housing can offer the best social services to our residents in the high desert.

“I try to bring things that help them,” she said. “I talk to them and see what they would like to see. It’s no use bringing somebody in and then nobody shows up. I always try to go based on what they want and need.”

Programs include painting programs, medical checks for seniors and a mental health guidance event. She’s also working on a program that will bring meals for children during the summer.

She also connects with her peers at other properties – with each stepping up to help the others when needed.

She said her experience in the prison industry makes her more resilient. Her patience and commitment are undeniable, but her biggest driver is being kind – a motto that carries her through the day.

“An act of kindness is free,” Monique said. “Not every day is a good day so that one act may help them, and I always try to do that.”



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