Residents in their new apartment home.For more than two decades, Hope through Housing and National CORE have provided a safe, stable, and affordable platform for life transformation to low-income families and seniors. Our mission has always been about far more than just housing – it is about offering an environment that empowers residents to elevate their health, well-being, and self-sufficiency.

As our work and the needs of our communities have evolved over recent years, Hope through Housing and National CORE have added more apartments for residents with special needs. Many of our properties now include units for former foster youth, veterans, seniors, those with disabilities, and individuals who were formerly homeless. Each of these residents bring their own unique life experiences, challenges, and potential to thrive. And – no different than in our traditional housing model – our goal is to provide our residents with safe and stable housing combined with supportive and empowering services.

Nationally, there is an estimated 567,715 individuals who are experiencing homelessness on any given night and 27% live in California (USICH, 2019). National CORE strives to be a part of the solution to homelessness, and we currently operate 199 special needs units, with another 491 permanent supportive housing (PSH) units in the pipeline for development over the next few years.

As we double-down on our commitment to this work, we are branding this initiative “Unlocking Opportunities.” Our goal is to not only literally unlock the door to housing for many residents who have been without a home for months or years, but also to unlock untapped potential in their lives. Our focus is to provide housing stability and a supportive network of caring individuals to help these residents realize new possibilities in their lives.

Hope through Housing and National CORE are excited to continue expanding and deepening our commitment to PSH and special needs housing – growing our internal capacity while leaning on a strong team of nonprofit and government partners. We invite others in our communities who are interested in battling homelessness and empowering unique populations to join us in this journey as we continue Unlocking Opportunities across Southern California and beyond!


Greg Bradbard

Greg Bradbard

Greg Bradbard, President of the Hope through Housing Foundation, has more than 20 years of experience as a nonprofit leader in Southern California.  Looking for a powerful, engaging speaker who has a passion for transforming the lives of children, families, and seniors in our region through impactful programs and services?  Greg is a top speaker on:

  • Reducing Poverty One Family at a Time
  • Delivering Quality Resident Services within Affordable Housing
  • Housing as a Platform for Resident Transformation
  • The Silver Tsunami – Preparing for the Aging of America
  • Nonprofit Management & State of the Nonprofit Sector
  • How Businesses, Churches, and Community Groups can Partner with Nonprofits & Change Lives

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