Woman of Hope volunteer Cathy Gonzalez believes it’s not just a privilege to assist the elderly in staying fit, active and happy – it’s a calling that gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Cathy, owner of Studio 30, The Kettlebell Fit Club, leads a weekly Senior Fit Club at Heritage Pointe apartments as part of our Connections to Care Program. She helps senior residents stay fit and moving.

Each session, Cathy focuses on low-impact seated workouts such as single-leg extensions, calf raises and toe taps to combat arthritis and promote good cardiovascular health.

“I just love talking to all of the residents – asking how they’re doing, how they’re feeling, checking on their posture,” Cathy said. “The energy in my classes is always great. They look so happy to have someone come around to motivate them to stay healthy and active.”

Cathy has been involved with Hope through Housing and National CORE for two years – volunteering at the annual Gala, Beauty, Bubbles & Bites and other children’s related programs.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Cathy knew that seniors needed the assistance of fitness instructors, and she was welcomed with open arms by Hope through Housing. Each week, she is greeted with smiles and waves by residents as they wait to start their workout.

“It’s great having Cathy come out here, because making sure our residents stay active is one of the most important aspects of senior living,” Assistant Community Manager Jesse Flores said. “Cathy is so likable and knowledgeable about what she does.”

Now, Cathy is known by name by residents when she walks into the community room to start the workout.

“She’s great! She’s personable and she cares – that’s what’s most important,” Heritage Pointe resident Shirley said. “I’m visually impaired, so she says all her directions aloud and describes everything so that I know specifically what to do. I absolutely love working out with Cathy.”

Heritage Pointe resident Margaret praised Cathy for her patience and adaptability, saying that she changes her workouts based on the skill level of participants. Margaret also thanked the Heritage Pointe community for providing residents with the Senior Fit Club. Because she and many other residents cannot drive, this is their only means of physical fitness.

“Being part of Women of Hope means I’m privileged and that means that it’s my duty to help others,” Cathy said. “So many people have needs and it’s so fulfilling to be a Woman of Hope and to be part of a group that gives so much.”

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