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A Mother’s Wish for Her Daughter

Silvia Monvalvo and her family have lived in the affordable housing development of San Antonio Vista in Montclair for more than 10 years. It is a tight knit community where families are watching their children excel in school and go on to higher education. For Silvia,...

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Seniors pay it forward for ailing kids

Kay Serbenick has been crocheting for decades. But it wasn’t until recently that she found a way to combine her crafting with a charitable cause. In the process, she has inspired a community to join in.

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Arts Foundation recognizes top benefactors

On a recent Saturday evening, the Rancho Cucamonga Community and Arts Foundation recognized three supporters for their dedication to the mission of the Foundation. The awardees were honored at a reception held prior to a Foundation-sponsored performance at the Lewis...

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Seniors on fixed income are stretched to make ends meet

We’ve relied on them our entire lives. The waiter in our favorite restaurant, the childcare worker, and the package delivery driver. They’ve finished their working years and are now supposed to be enjoying retirement and a life of leisure.

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Seniors celebrate at Fall Festival, Fontana

It was Friday the 13th, but the Fall Festival was anything but scary. Instead, it was a lively gathering of hundreds of seniors who live within four of National CORE’s Fontana apartment communities.

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Finding Hope through Housing for neighbors

by Gregory Bradbard President, Hope through Housing Foundation Think for a moment about the last time that you didn’t need a place to sleep at night. Other than choosing to sleep in a tent while camping, most of us have a difficult time remembering a time when we...

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